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imma such a bipolar….

Posted 1 month ago

I never ask you to be good to me. But please don’t show me that kind of trash face.

Posted 5 months ago

Miss you so bad.

Posted 5 months ago

That hot guy xD

Posted 5 months ago

You were a part of me.

And now you’re missing from me.

Posted 5 months ago

Udah hari ketiga yaudahlah @@

Posted 5 months ago

台北市。。。。 常常下雨

Posted 5 months ago

What they forget is that I have feelings too

Posted 5 months ago

Another 50 facts

I’ll start with 51~~
51..I love malt milk.

52. I count my calories intake.

53. I’m not a morning person.

54. I sleep for 8 Hours a day.

55. I felt pressure and competitiveness whem I enter this college since most of my classmates are the top stundents in high school.

56. I like romantic movies but hate angst one since … well I don’t like to cry.

57. I usually watch a sad movie when I ‘m sad. that way I’ll have a reason why I cry.

58. I love both my parents so much. The reason why I’m still holding on this pretty much messed up life is because of them. They’re my treasure :D.

59. My mom once told me to forgive myself. That way I could let go any grudge I’ve been holding.

60. When I’m happy… well I pretty much don’t give a crap about anything.

61. I don’t have amy piercings.

62. I love it when there’s sun on winter. It’s such a great feeling whem the sun shines through your skin.

63. I write a diary.

64. I rarely skip class.

65. I never speak english as much back in my country.

66. recent drama that got into me is emergency couple.

67. When I love a song I will play it over over and over again.

68. I only have a few guy friends. Most of my friends are girls.

69. I rarely talk about my crush to my friends. But somehow they manage to know it —.

70. I’m a one fat girl all my life xD.

71. I only get sick once a year amd it will always be near my birthday

. 72. I love to put my headphones on and walking through the streets by myself. That thing makes me happy.

73. I’m not crushing on someone right now.

74. I’m not good at studying but I enjoy studying.

75. I want to marry at the age of 27-28.

76. I don’t like to be woken up. Especially when there’s nothing important.

77. I’m such a hopeless romantic ._.

78. I prefer hot guys to cute guys :p (especiallylayfromexohesjusttoohottobetrue)

79. I enjoy watching romantic movies and the awwsss during the films XD

80. My favorite music at the moment is apink - u you.

81. Current obssesion : Casper lee.

82. I love cover dancing I wish I could do more in the future.

83. I like it when people spending their time just to pick a present for me. it’s just so sweet of them ><

84. I always want to cuddle with my boyfriend when the wheater gets cold. hope next winter I could find the perfect person to be cuddled with :p.

85. I never into make up until I fall in love with this guy.

86. I don’t have an ideal type. I just fall in love and that’s it? XD.

87. I eat oats as my breakfast.

88. I have so many pimples now and it irritates me a lot.

89. My father is my inspiration and role model.

90. I’m suck at art. 0.00000001 out of 10.

91. I never consider myself as an outcast because I do talk to my classmates and having jokes with them. I just don’t find it exciting to hang out with some of them. But I have hung out with rest of them and they’re pretty much kind and caring to me :D

92. I might seem to be sad all the time but trust me I’m just sleepy .

93. I’m loud with someone I’m comfortable with.

94. I’m weird in some ways .

95. I have unusual sense of humor.

96. I love sweets things. like chocolate and such.

97. I like eating chocolates but I prefer vanilla as my favorite taste.

98. I’m wearing spectacles.

99. I used to like online gaming a lot.

100. Last year is the most cruicial year of my entire life

Posted 5 months ago

I don’t like guys with drama -_- I’m the drama queen not you.

Posted 5 months ago

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